Frequently Asked Questions

What is BioResonance?


BioResonance therapy can find the cause of your health issues, identify the presence of toxins in the body, including heavy metals, allergens and much more. 


By identifying the areas of your body that are experiencing the biggest toxic load, detect viruses, bacteria and allergens we can then form a personal diet/nutrition plan, select recommended supplements and medication and form an overall course for holistic healing.


How does it work?


Bioresonance evaluation and therapy is based on measuring fluctuations of electromagnetic fields in comparison to previously established benchmarks of healthy organisms.


Changes in electromagnetic energy exchange precede any disease. By capturing these changes early, such a device helps discover problems before they loudly manifest themselves.


The process is non-invasive, automatic, and quicker than a series of standard tests.


Who is it suitable for?


BioResonance is totally safe and suitable for anyone from the age of 5, except those with metal implants, pacemakers or epilepsy.


How long does it take?


Your first consultation will last between an hour and a half and two hours.  Follow up appointments are around 45 minutes to an hour.


Want to know more?


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