How does it work?


Different organs and systems within your body operate at specific frequencies or wavelengths.


When these patterns are relatively undisturbed, the human body is healthier.  Conversely, if these patterns are disturbed, the human body is less healthy, and “normal” bodily functions disrupted. 


This can result in feelings of "illness" that may include fatigue, lethargy, digestive disorders, muscular aches and pains, lack of concentration and other physical irregularities.


This is known as "toxic load" — where the stressors (toxins) upon the human body is greater than it can cope with.


Exposure to toxins, heavy metals, various microbes (bacteria, parasites, viruses and moulds) and any allergies we may have can build up in our bodies.


The Sensitiv Imago 530 is the latest advance in BioResonance technology and can scan and balance the human body.


It can identify the pathological processes in the early stages where traditional methods like ultrasound are ineffective. The Sensitiv Imago aligns itself with the organs electromagnetic frequencies, processing the data and providing biological norm frequencies to balance deviations.


It can also identify and detect viruses, bacteria and allergens.


From the results, we can ascertain and recommend the correct supplements, food, herbs and other products to allow the body to recover.

The Core Possibilities

  • Holistic map the body - most stressed systems and cause-and-effect connections

  • Detection of possible diseases and complication risks

  • Detection of disturbances at early stages

  • Suggestion of healing options

  • Non-invasive blood analysis data

  • Non-invasive microfloral analysis

  • Creation of a diet plan with foods to be included and excluded

  • Genetic predisposition and risks

  • Identification of allergic components

  • Forecast of diseases up to 5 years

  • Identification of contaminants/heavy metals

  • Analysis of factors, psychological and electromagnetic, that may be having adverse effects on the whole body.

    Testing and dose selection for supplements/drugs/herbs

  • Creation of individual non-chemical medicines

  • Identification of toxins sensitivity: food, medicinal, production and endogenous

  • Selection of personal therapeutic tools from the internal library of 1760 possible variations

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