Conditions Treated Include...

Acute Infectious Diseases
Bronchial Asthma
AutoIimmune Diseases
Degenerative Organic Diseases
Rheumatic Diseases
Gynecological Disorders such as:
– Painful Menstruation
– Hormonal Imbalance
– Pre-natal Treatment
Immunodeficiency of varied origin
Post-Vaccine Complications
Intoxication and Toxic Stress
Headache and Migraine
Mycotic and Parasitic Disorders
All Types of Pain
Neurodermatitis and Eczema
Sport Injuries
Metabolic Diseases
Pre and Postoperative Treatment
Reducing the Recovery Period
Secondary Viral Disorders
Urological Disorders

What you need to know...

  • Non invasive and painless 
  • You remain fully clothed - just shoes off.
  • All jewellery and metal (belts etc) must be removed.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off during treatment.
  • Not suitable for those with pacemakers, metal implants or epilepsy.
  • You should not eat for 3 hours prior to treatment but can drink water, herbal tea or mild fruit juice.
  • If possible, bring a note of your height, weight and blood type.
  • You can bring along up to 4 items for "testing" i.e. medications, supplements or food types.
  • You will sit comfortably wearing headphones and will have your therapist with you at all times.
  • There is no obligation to purchase any supplements or remedies.  It is not our aim to use the analysis as a sales pitch for other products or treatments.


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